We eat everyday multiple times, at home, school, work, and in public spaces
…with family, friends, classmates, colleagues and strangers.

We are not always aware that food inherently hides superpowers that are awaiting to be re-discovered, unlocked and shared. What many tell themselves is: “it takes time”, “it won’t work”, “the risk is too high”, “we have always done it that way”.

The truth is that since eating takes place really almost everywhere, we can leverage it to challenge the status quo, explore future paths and equip leaders and entrepreneurs with new tools. Then people not only respond, but also participate and feel a sense of belonging in their community.

That’s why WE Factory came to life.

At WE Factory we develop, design and produce food concepts, projects and services to improve people’s everyday life by inspiring, educating and sharing how to #eatwithasmile



What you offer to the world is remarkable. Make sure you offer an experience worth shouting about! WE Factory Academy is our brand new training school that helps you as a leader and your team increase your impact in the community. We will teach you the methods, tools and trends that make some projects stand out globally and stay ahead of the game. Combine that with our broad cultural experience and you’ll leave energised and ready to put ideas into action!